Government Funding

2-year Funding for information. You must apply on Warwickshire County Council website. You must register online and then you will be given a unique reference number which we will then use to claim the 2-year funding. We will need to have a copy of the letter you will receive and a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

Universal Funding (15 hours) for information. This funding is given to children automatically the term after they are 3 years of age. We will need a copy of your child’s birth certificate and a utility bill as proof of address.

30 hours Funding for information follow the steps and it will generate a unique reference number which you must share with us. We will also need a copy of your child’s birth certificate and a utility bill as proof of address.

Each term there is a HEAD COUNT DAY on which we must ensure that all details of children claiming the funding is sent to Warwickshire County Council. Children starting group after this date and eligible for Free entitlement funding will have to pay session fees until the following term. We are unable to make or change a claim after this date Please contact me with any queries.

Additional Charges: we have a small £2.25 additional charge per session which is a voluntary contribution. 


The Government has a scheme to help with childcare costs, called Tax-Free Childcare.  For every £8 a parent pays into their Childcare account, the government will add an extra £2 to this childcare account up to a limit.  Parents can then use this money to pay for childcare.  You can access this in addition to 30 hours of funding if you meet the eligibility.  All details and eligibility can be found on the Government website –

Childcare choices bring together all the government childcare offers in one place online and make it easy to find out what’s available. (   

For further queries, the Government helpline is 0300 123 4097. 

Our Fee and Debt management policy has information regarding payment procedures. This can be found on our website. 

Payment for a 3-hour session: £20:00 per session. (This is not for funded sessions).

Funding can be shared by 2 providers.